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  • As Seen on Channel 4

    Strippers... We featured on the british Tv documentary screened on C4.

  • As Seen on Hustlers

    Pleaser Shoes featured on Hustlers

  • Glitter High Heels

    A Beautiful Collection of Sexy High Heels with Glitter.

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ALL  Sexy Shoes and Lingerie - All Products List. Discover Seductive Style... Explore Our Entire Collection of Sexy Shoes! Unleash your confidence and elevate your allure with our extensive range of sexy shoes, including pole dancing and stripper shoes, available to browse online and in-store. Whether you're in Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, London, Essex, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, or even internationally in Spain, France, Portugal, Latvia, or Germany, our shipping services ensure that you can easily access the perfect pair of seductive footwear. Embrace your sensuality and make a statement with our carefully curated selection of sexy shoes, designed to captivate and empower