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Collection: Sexy Shoes - Not Clear

A collection of Full Colour Sexy Shoes for Pole Dancing, Strippers and High Heels for Men. Aside from the usual Clear Transparent Stripper Shoes, We have Red Patent Sexy Shoes, Black Shiny Fetish Shoes and Coloured Leather Sexy Sandals - Many of these full Block Colour Sexy Shoes are available in size UK 2 - UK 14. Indulge in the allure of mystery with our collection of sexy shoes that leave an impression without revealing it all. Our 'Not Clear' range features a curated selection of seductive footwear designed to captivate and intrigue. From sultry stilettos to alluring boots, these shoes exude a sense of mystique and allure, making them perfect for adding an enigmatic touch to any ensemble. Discover the power of suggestion and shop our 'Not Clear' sexy shoes for a look that teases and tantalizes with every step. Contact us for Next Day Delivery if Required prior to placing your order for your Sexy Shoes.