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Clear Heel Shoes FAQS

Do You Offer Next Day Delivery on Clear Shoes?

Yes, Same day dispatch is available on certain styles of Clear Heel Shoes which we have in our shop based in Scotland. Stock changes on a daily basis therefore it is important that you contact us by telephone, email or face book messenger to check that your chosen Clear Transparent shoe style is available for same day dispatch prior to placing any order.

How long will I have to wait for my Clear shoes to arrive?

If your Transparent Clear Shoes are in stock at our Shop based in Scotland we can offer you a same day dispatch and next day delivery courier is available. - For Clear Posing Shoes out of stock in our Shop, we will order them the manufacturer based in Hollywood.. We order shipments and replenish stock twice per week from Hollywood therefore the maximum time you would expect to wait for your Clear Heel and Clear Platform Shoes if you live in the UK would be 4 Working Days.

Why Do My New Clear Shoes Feel Tight?

Clear Shoes stretch when worn and, because of their ability to easily change shape, the Clear Upper Material can be molded to your feet. Personalizing your shoes by molding them will improve the fit and comfort of them, so that you will be more comfortable on stage. Clear Plastic shoes can be softened with a hair dryer and then worn to mold to the unique shape of your foot. Be sure not to put the Clear shoes on immediately after blow-drying, because the plastic will be warm. If your Clear Shoes have stretched too much from use, you can use the blow dryer to soften the shoe, so that it can revert back to its original shape. If you do not wish to heat the uppers you may also break them in, by wearing them around the house with socks.

Why should I wear clear stage shoes?

Clear shoes are the ideal choice for Fitness and physique competitions aswell as Pole Dancers and Performers; in fact, they are the only suitable choice. The Clear Heel shoe will “disappear” on stage, making your leg appear longer, while a solid-colored shoe will make your legs look shorter by sharply cutting the end of your leg where the shoe starts. The clear shoe also gives the illusion that your foot is an extension of the leg, further increasing the elongated affect. 

Clear Pole Dancers Shoes

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