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Elegant, Sassy or Flattering... When dressing the feet in Large Women’s Sizes for a multitude of reasons, be it for natural physical needs, femininity or showmanship, or Cross Dressing - The Gorgeously Sexy Pleaser Pink Label range aims to provide the best choice in High Heels for Men UK and Cross Dresser Heels UK! Drag Thigh High Boots Mens Heels.



Large Size Woman's Shoes

Pleasers Pink Label Range is a Collection of Sexy High Heel Large Heels Specially Designed and manufactured for transgender women, t girls, cross-dressers, drag queens, female impersonators, drag show performers or anybody with a foot size up to Ladies Large Size UK 13, The pink label collection features approximately 150 enticing styles. Demure or bold, Sexy Shoes or Kinky Boots. From comfortable flats and Low Heeled classic Pumps to Flirty wedges and Glitzy Sky-High Platform Boots. This diverse collection is sure to deliver the wearer a boost in confidence when showing off their alluring beauty, living out their true self or fulfilling their inner Fantasy. If your looking for Cross Dressing Shoes with a High Heel and Platform and enjoy wearing heels then we have many for you to choose from!

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From Open Toe Shoes and Boots in Large Sizes to Kinky Thigh High, Knee Length Boots and Fetish Ankle Boot. We have Them All. Large Shoes with Heels for Men are our speciality, Black Patent Court Shoes are amongst our Best Sellers of Mens Sissy Clothing UK.

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We serve many male customers in our shop based in Aberdeen Scotland. Some men are looking for Large Size Ladies Shoes for their Girlfriends whilst others are Dressing up for an event or Rocky Horror Show. Whatever your reason for wanting to Try on High Heels for Men you are very welcome to visit our Shop in Aberdeen.

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