Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser Shoes

We have been a Uk Supplier of Pleaser Shoes for Over 15 Years. We sell Pleasers both online and in our retail shop which is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. We welcome our customers both Male and Female to come to our retail shop to try on our selection of Pleaser Shoes wherby you are welcome to try before you buy!

Pleaser Shoes are the number One choice in Sexy Shoes for Girls just starting out Pole Dancing. Beginners often start with a 6 Inch High Heel but Soon fid themselves progressing to 7 or Inch or 8 Inch High Heels in no time atall!.

Pleaser Shoes Styles

Pleasers are available in Slip on styles or Sexy Shoes with Ankle Straps. If you are not used to walking in heels we would always suggest a Strippers Shoe with an Ankle strap to provide that extra support while Dancing. If you do However Opt for a Slip on pair of Sexy Shoes and later feel that you would have prefered some Extra support then you can always purchase a pair of removable Ankle Straps which can convert your Slip On Pleaser Shoes into a great pair of Pleasers with Ankle Straps.

Best Selling Pleasers

Some of Our Best Selling Pleaser Shoes include the DELIGHT and KISS range which are 6 Inch Heels and the SKY and ADORE range which are both 7 Inch Heels. All of these ranges have a mid height Platform and super sexy Heel

A popular selection of Pleasers at Miss Hollywood is The Exotic Dancing Shoes with Revolver Heels. The REVOLVER style by Pleaser Shoes have Bling Details and the BONDGIRL Pleasers style has no Bling. Both of those Pleaser Pole dancer Dance Shoes are gorgeous novelty High Heel Stripper Heels for Pole Dancing.

Pleaser Shoes Sale

We often have end of line clearance Sale Shoes wherby we offer a vast selection of Pleaser Shoes at Low and Discontinued Clearance Prices! These Shoes are limited in Size and Colour so its a good idea to grab them fast before they sell out!