Pole Dancing Shoes for Beginners

Pole Dancing Shoes for Beginners

Buying a pair of Pole Dancing shoes for Pole Dancing Lessons can be daunting, There are so many factors to consider. We have produced a short guide to help you to choose your perfect pair of Stripper Heels.

Pole Dancer Shoes are also known as stripper shoes, lap dancing shoes, sexy platform heels and pole dancing heels.

What are Pole Dancing Shoes like?

Shoes for pole Dancing or fitness are made from usually a Clear Lucite upper material which sticks to the pole. The Clear Material will mould to the shape of the foot of the wearer, Pole Dancers Shoes come with or without an ankle strap. They are a platform shoe or Sandal with a high heel.

How many Inches High Should Beginners Stripper Shoes Be?

We would Suggest that beginners opt for a Pole Dancing Shoe that is no Less than a 5 Inch Heel. Our Most Popular Pole Dancing Shoe Heel Height for girls Starting out is a 6 Inch Heel.

Many girls worry that this would be too high a heel but please remember that 6 Inch high heeled shoes have a 1 1/2 inch platform, which makes the Heel around 3 1/2 Inches high.

We would not recommend an 8 Inch High Heel Shoe for starting out.

What Colours of Pole Shoes can you Buy?

Pole Shoes not just available in Clear, They are also available to buy in a variety of colours such as Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, or White. Our New Best Selling Colour of Stripper Shoes is Rose Gold Heels. You can also buy Novelty Pole Dancing shoes for example Heels with Flashing Lights inside them.

How Much To Spend on Pole Shoes?

A reasonable price to pay for pole dancing shoes is around 40 - 50 pounds, If you opt for a cheap pair of Stripper Shoes you may be risking your safety because poorly manufactured stripper Sandals can cause injury if the heel may fall off for example. Good Quality Stripper shoes like Pleaser shoes also tend to have a padded insole so the shoes are much more comfortable than regular Heels.

The Benefits Of High platform Shoes for Pole Fitness

Pole Dance Shoes are very comfortable and can help you with Posture, Balance and because they may stick to the pole it can make Pole Tricks easier. High Platform Pole Dancing Shoes give the illusion of a longer leg thus perfect for short girls.

Do I have To Wear Platform Heels?

No, but we would strongly recommend that you opt for a Platform shoe, there are many other types of Pole Dancing Footwear. For example Pole Dancing Trainers, Boots or you can even dance in bare foot.

What Designs of Strippers Shoes Are Available?

The platform unit on most Sexy High Heels is the same colour as the upper of the shoe therefore it looks like there is no platform in the shoe. The platform unit is usually hollow. It is possible to buy a pair of Shoes for Pole Work with a different colour to top of the shoes so that it becomes a feature of the shoe. Pleaser Shoes are very innovative and have even created Stripper shoes which have a hidden compartment in the platform to store your possessions such as money or keys in. Girls can show their creative side by Filling the platforms with objects or Sweets.

Which Brand of Stripper Heels Should I Buy?

The best brands of Shoes on the Market for Pole Work is Pleaser Shoes. Both Tonys Shoes and Nitelife Shoes are good Alternative Footwear styles.

Should you Buy 1 Size Larger in Pole Dancing Shoes?

Unless the pole Shoes are to be worn by a man I would not recommend that you opt for any larger than your usual Shoe size. We having been Selling Pole Shoes for almost 20 years and our experience has proven that girls who buy Shoes 1 or more sizes larger will usually be left with shoes which once worn a few times will become over stretched, the foot slides forward and the toes may appear over the edge of the Peep Toe platforms leaving an unsightly gap at the Back of the Shoes

Can I come and try on Pole Shoes?

We have a Shop in Scotland, You are welcome to come and try on any of our Pole Dancing Shoes at our Shop.

Buying Shoes For Pole Fitness? - What to avoid

We would suggest that beginners Stripper Shoes should be free from Studs, Gems and large Buckles because they can cause damage, scratches and scrapes to the coating on the pole and may also cause harm to you making them not an ideal choice for beginners Pole Dance Shoes.

We have been Selling Strippers Shoes for over 20 Years, We have a vast amount of experience in dealing with customer questions and experiences, if you would like to discuss buying your first pair of Pole Dancing Shoes with Lina or Kimberley at Miss Hollywood please contact us and they will be very happy to assist you.