Rose Gold Pole Dancing Shoes

Rose Gold Pole Dancing Shoes

Pole Dancer Shoes are also known as Stripper Shoes, Lap Dancing Shoes, Sexy Platform Heels and Pole Dancing Heels. We understand the importance of a performer to feel confident and Sexy whilst also feeling comfort in their choice of Footwear whilst working in a Lap Dancing club or Strip Club.

What are Rose Gold Shoes like?

Shoes for pole Dancing or fitness are made from usually a Clear Lucite upper material which sticks to the pole. The Clear Material will mould to the shape of the foot of the wearer. Since 2017 Girls have been going crazy for Rose Gold Stripper Shoes. They are a platform shoe or Sandal with a high heel and they are Very Pretty, The Chrome Finishing on the Heels and Platforms is eye catching and mirror reflects when it catches the right angle of the lights due to its High Shine.

Do your Rose Gold Heels have Ankle Straps?

As all our High heels, All of our Sexy Shoes come with or without an ankle strap, There are also some with Glitter Heels which look Amazing!

Do your have Rose Gold Boots?

Yes we Have Kinky Boots as well and they are also available in Ankle Boots or Knee High boots.

How many Inches High are they?

These Rose Gold Chrome Heel Platform Shoes are available with 5 Inch Heels, 6 Inch Heels, 7 Inch Heels and 8 Inch Heels and with a 2, 3 or 4 Inch Platform.

Which Brands of Stripper Heels are they?

All of our Rose Gold platform Stripper Shoes are Made by Pleaser Shoes. Gold Shoes are becoming very popular therefore we do expect that other brands will soon follow Pleasers lead and start producing their own collections

Can I come and try on Pole Shoes?

We have a Shop in Scotland, You are welcome to come and try on any of our Pole Dancing Shoes at our Shop, We also sell Exotic Dancer Clothes, Costumes and Lingerie in our shop. You may also buy on Line and try them in the comfort of your own home. If you find that they are not suitable you are welcome to return them in an unworn condition for an exchange or refund.