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KPN Poledancerka Knee Pads Nude With Pocket

KPN Poledancerka Knee Pads Nude With Pocket

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The KPN Poledancerka Knee Pads Nude 01 With Pocket provide superior protection and comfort for pole dancing enthusiasts. Its anatomical shape and special 3D fabric construction provide superior cushioning, while its breathable, moisture-wicking material ensures maximum comfort and durability. An added pocket allows for additional protection and convenience.

KPN Poledancerka Knee Pads are designed specifically for pole dancing. These pads feature a pocket for your knee bones that offers extra cushion and support. The soft yet durable fabric ensures comfort and long-lasting wear. With its lightweight, breathable design, these pads are the perfect choice for a pole dance workout.

85% polyamide, 15% elastane; Mesh: 100% polyester; Leather immitation: 80% cotton, 20% polyurethane

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